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"Visual A+" Quality Components

Pentaxia has rapidly developed a strong reputation as a Tier 1 supplier into the luxury OEM market place for tooling solutions and composite component supply. We work with world renowned automotive customers, both large and small. With our high specification in-house paint shop capability, we can also paint/lacquer “visual A+” quality components to demanding OEM standards.

Automotive Composites Supply Capabilities

Complete automotive composites supply capabilities:

  • Industry standard software – Catia V5, SmarTeam and Solidworks
  • Full Tooling design – hand layup mould tools or matched die press tooling
  • Machining – four 5-axis machines, two 3/4 axis machines
  • Automotive Composites – Large clean room (with multiple work stations for dedicated projects), plus additional clean rooms for specialist applications
  • Curing – four autoclaves, out‐of‐autoclave tooling solutions, prepreg laminates,composite pressing.
  • Paint & Lacquer – full paint shop with airbrush room, OEM approvals
  • Inspection – FAIR capability or development of applicable checking fixtures

Having all required capabilities within our own facility makes us quite unique and we are widely utilised by OEMs for initial project feasibility, scoping and prototyping. This can also lead to full volume production delivery.

Pentaxia has been involved in many development projects, which often now evolve to become production items. Example projects include:

  • Interior components – full cockpit/dashboard, instrument clusters, bracing, decorative trim
  • External components – bonnets, wing mirrors, bumpers, engine covers, body kitting etc
Volume Supply

Pentaxia embarked upon our first “volume” supply to a luxury automotive OEM in 2014, developing a composite engine cover solution for use in a high temperature environment. We worked closely with our material supplier to develop a high temperature pre-impregnated material. The chosen lacquer system and technique also had to be developed to ensure no lacquer degradation, discolouration or cracking at temperatures over 200 degrees centigrade.

We have been actively involved in several European R&D development projects, utilising our management team’s wide-ranging expertise in composite manufacturing and automotive composites.

At Pentaxia we have in place an implementation strategy for TS:16949 to be completed imminently.

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